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Want to get a rough ballpark amount for your next project? Use the input values below to receive an instant budget you can use as a guide.

Step 1: Select Venue

Each venue has its own specific requirements and costs associated for power, roof connection etc

Step 2: Enter the Lineal Metres of truss required

BEWARE: Hanging lengths of truss in an exhibition might sound simple, but often times the complexity of the venue roof means you need install additional 'bridging' truss above so that we can hang your banner or LED screen or bulkhead in just the right spot.  If this is the case then please send your plans so we can do a proper quotation.

Step 3: Do you require general flood lighting to your stand?

We typically recommend 1 light for every 3m of truss or 1 light per 10m² of floor area.

Select if power is required